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    When you hear the word ‘supercar’, you instantly picture Lamborghinis, Ferraris and perhaps a Bugatti or two.

    None of these cars compare to the new kid on the block: the futuristic-looking, hybrid supercar that is the BMW i8.

    Not convinced? Wondering how a BMW can rival the likes of the Italian-built supercars? Well, here are 10 reasons why the BMW i8 is the coolest supercar ever made.

    The car of the future… today

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    The car of the future… today

    Tesla may have won the race to release the first electric supercar in the UK, but the Model S has nothing on the futuristic design of the BMW i8.

    Just take a look at it; with crazy contours, eye-catching blue highlights and wide grin, the BMW i8 certainly looks the part of a sleek supercar from the future.

    It’s safe to say that the i8 takes first prize in the race for the best-looking supercar on the market. You could easily see such a car in a future Tron film.

    Now, it may look cool, but does it have the performance chops to match?

    Supercar performance

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    Supercar performance

    It may be a hybrid car, but the BMW i8 is no pushover when it comes to a good old fashioned sprint.

    Put the pedal to the metal and you’ll feel the supercar rocket from zero to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds, while top speed clocks in at 155mph.

    To put it into context, the similarly priced Audi R8, a rival to the i8, is able to complete the benchmark sprint in the same time - and that is a bona-fide supercar.

    Your friends will obviously want a ride, but how do you choose which one to sit beside you?

    Bring your mates

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    Bring your mates

    Well, unlike the Audi R8 and many other supercars, the BMW i8 can fit four occupants, rather than the conventional two. Now you won’t have to keep coming back to offer a ride to your other friends.

    Thanks to a 2+2 seating configuration, the BMW i8 allows a lucky driver to be able to brag to not just one, but three of his friends at the same time.

    The back two seats in the i8 may be small and quite cramped for adults, but surely passengers will just be grateful for a ride in a supercar, right?

    Friends not impressed with the supercar speed? Well maybe you can wow them with…

    Bond villain-esque lasers

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    Bond villain-esque lasers

    Yes, lasers! OK, well not quite the kind found in the lair of a Bond villain, but still pretty cool.

    The BMW i8 will be the first car in the UK to offer laser headlights when it goes on sale, pipping rivals Audi to the post. Audi wanted to be the first with its limited edition R8 LMX model.

    So why the big interest in laser headlights? According to BMW, the optional technology boosts the range of standard LED headlights to as much as 600 metres, while using 30% less energy. It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty cool too.

    That’s not all for the BMW i8, as the supercar also comes packed with…

    A treasure trove of standard kit

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    A treasure trove of standard kit

    As with most BMW models, the i8 is like an Aladdin’s Cave of equipment, packed with features to tempt any motorist and tech-lover in.

    Standard kit includes leather seats, cruise control, parking sensors, sat-nav, DAB digital radio, Bluetooth telephone with USB & Voice Control, Head-Up Display and ambient interior lighting.

    It wouldn’t be a BMW without having the option of adding some extra luxuries. Customers can specify additional features such as 360-degree surround view, Harman/Kardon loudspeaker system and striking BMW i Blue seat belts.

    The BMW i8 may be jam-packed with equipment, but what’s the price like?

    Money can buy you love

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    Money can buy you love

    Let’s compare it to its rival, the Audi R8, shall we? The BMW i8 costs £99,845, while the R8 is priced from £93,735. A pricing victory for Audi, you say? Wrong.

    Thanks to the model’s eco-friendly low emissions, which we’ll get to in a moment, the BMW i8 is eligible for the Government’s £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant. This takes the price of an i8 down to £94,845.

    Still more expensive than an Audi R8, you add? True, but once you consider the BMW i8’s savings on road tax and fuel, then the £1,110 difference between the supercars price tag is pretty much void.

    As a side note, the BMW i8 is also SIX times cheaper than Porsche’s hybrid supercar offering, the 918 Spyder.

    So, for that kind of money, can it get you from ‘A’ to ‘B’?

    Range anxiety? A thing of the past

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    Range anxiety? A thing of the past

    Thanks to its hybrid powertrain, the BMW i8 can easily get you from ‘A’ to ‘B’, even if the distances are 300 miles apart!

    The combination of an electric motor and a 1.5-litre petrol engine means that the BMW i8 returns average fuel economy of up to 134mpg. The supercar even offers a pure electrical range of up to 23 miles on a full charge.

    Range anxiety? What range anxiety? With a total range of over 300 miles (more than a Tesla Model S), you won’t need to worry about the i8 suddenly running out of power on the way to your parents’ house in the countryside.

    OK, so it can take you the distance, but what is the cost to the environment?

    Save the world with a supercar

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    Save the world with a supercar

    Whether you’re an eco-warrior or someone simply trying to avoid paying Vehicle Excise Duty, the BMW i8 is the supercar for you.

    Not content with simply offering the performance of a supercar, the BMW i8 comes with more green credentials than you can shake a stick at, emitting just 49g/km of CO2 in hybrid mode. Basically, the i8 has the performance of an R8 but emits less CO2 than a smart car!

    This means that you can drive a sexy supercar without having your conscience berate you for harming Mother Earth. Win-win!

    The BMW i8 has certainly impressed the public, but which Oscar-nominated director has it caught the eye of?

    Star of the screen

  • Star of the screen

    Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant, best known for ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Milk’, has been painting the i8 in a great light with a series of short films.

    The ads are titled ‘Powerful’, ‘Attitude’ and ‘Genesis’, and, although pretentious-sounding, they are visually stunning and manage to ramp-up the model’s appeal.

    BMW’s hybrid supercar was simply made for the silver screen, and with Van Sant harnessing its star quality, the i8 may win an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Now although the short films may have cast the BMW i8 in the spotlight, they missed one awesome feature...

    Unlocking a futuristic world

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    Unlocking a futuristic world

    It’s not often that you want to talk about a car’s keyfob, but in the case of the BMW i8, you really can’t miss it out.

    Jumping straight out of the world of Science Fiction, the i8’s keyfob is a quirky, futuristic-looking gadget that even features a high-resolution LCD screen.

    The BMW i8 key is able to tell motorists the car’s available range, the battery’s remaining charge, how much petrol is in the tank and lets them preset the car’s temperature. It’s smarter than your average Joe!

    So there you have it, 10 reasons why the BMW i8 is easily the coolest supercar ever made. Period.