What is leasing?

Leasing is basically long term rental so the car remains the property of the leasing company at all times. They buy the car and then charge you a monthly rental to cover the difference between the initial car value and estimated future value (what the car will be worth at the end of your contract). As you never own the car, you simply hand it back to them at the end of your contract – avoiding the hassle of selling!

How does it work?

Leasing a car is very simple - you simply choose the car you want, decide how long you want to keep it for and estimate your annual mileage. The leasing company will calculate the monthly rental taking into account the deposit you want to pay (usually 3 or 6 months payments). Once the price is agreed, you will need to complete a finance application and be credit checked then sign contracts. The car will usually be delivered to your door with timescale depending upon whether the leasing company has the vehicle in stock or is ordering from the factory.


  • Easy to budget Fixed monthly cost throughout contract - option to include servicing, breakdown cover, etc
  • Hassle free You never own the car so you never have to buy or sell
  • Low deposit Fixed monthly cost throughout contract - option to choose to pay typically 3 or 6 months payments as a deposit
  • Lower monthly payments You are not buying a car, simply covering the depreciation costs and changes
  • Latest vehicles Most people take 2 or 3 year contracrs meaning they get a new car every 2 or 3 years


Here at askaprice.com we are well connected in the car leasing industry, having been around since February 2002. We have access to deals across dealership groups and all of the big names in leasing, and as such we are confident that we can find you a great deal.

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